The Challenge:

Berlynoak, a mid-sized furniture company, faced difficulties managing and tracking enquiries through their previous website. They sought a more effective solution to process enquiries quickly and accurately. The website image shows a form for submitting enquiries.

The Solution:

Berlynoak’s custom web application, designed by our team, simplifies the enquiries process from beginning to end. Retail customers can now easily submit enquiries through the application, which automatically updates Berlynoak’s inventory and production schedules. The application also includes a product catalog, franchise enquiry tracker, and lead collection feature. The accompanying image is a screenshot of the application’s dashboard, displaying its various features and options.

The Result:

The implementation of the new web application has resulted in significant improvements in Berlynoak’s operational efficiency and accuracy. The streamlined enquiries process has allowed them to process customer requests faster and with reduced errors, leading to an increase in sales and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Moreover, the application has enabled Berlynoak to decrease their dependence on manual processes and paperwork, freeing up valuable time for their team to concentrate on other crucial responsibilities.

  • 1100+ Leads captured within a month
  • 100+ Franchise Requests Captured
  • 180% Increment in Website Traffic
  • 250% Increment in Sales Revenue

The Conclusion:

Our team’s development of the custom web application has had a substantial and positive impact on Berlynoak’s overall operations. The application’s streamlined enquiry process has boosted efficiency and accuracy, leading to increased sales and heightened customer satisfaction. We are optimistic that this solution will continue to be of great benefit to Berlynoak for years to come.

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